The Coordinating Committee of the Greek Bar Associations who conferred on 10.06.2014, at the premises of the Athens Bar Association, under the Presidency of the President of the Athens Bar Association Mr Vassileios Alexandris, after profound conversations :

-As far as the draft of the Code of Civil Procedure is concerned the committee appointed by the Plenary of Greek Bars consisted of the Presidents of :Ileia Bar Association D.Dimitroulopoulos, Ioannina Mrs A.Giogli, Kavala A.Athanasiou,Larissa D.Katsaros and Patras N.Papakos deposited its propositions-observations after the suggestions of Naxos, Rhodes, Chalkida, Thessaloniki, Peiraus, Arta, Larissa, Ioannina Bar Associations, the suggestions of the President of Thessaloniki Bar, of POMIDA, of the honorary member of the Supreme Court of cassation Mr D.Kondilis and of the Professor N. Katiphoris. It is highlighted that in many articles of the proposed draft the propositions of the Bars agree , and have been sent to you as well as to the preparatory committee for the draft of Ministry of Justice.

Αfter the meeting of the President of the Plenary of all Greek Bars Vassileios Alexandris and the President of Thessaloniki Bar Association Nikolaos Valergakis with the Minister of Justice Charalambos Athanasiou and after the meeting of Mr Alexandris with the Vice President of the Greek Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs Evangelos Venizelos it was confirmed that the Code of Civil Procedure will be deposited for discussion (and voting) with the procedure of discussion article by article and not with the procedure of Codes.

  • For the first meeting of 11.06.2014 that the preparatory committee for the bill had with the representatives of the Plenary Session and the representatives of the Athens Bar Association and after informations that there were changes to the first draft of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Coordinating Committee decided, that if the final text of the draft is not given, no discussion will take place and a new deadline of a week will be asked, so that the lawyers come with new propositions.

In the meeting of 11.06.2014 (at 15.00) at the Ministry of Justice and after the expressed disagreements it was agreed to give the final text of the draft and to return with new propositions-observations.

-Αs far as the matter of the degrees from Universities of the European Union is concerned, the Coordinating Committee felt that a new legislative regulation is necessary for the article 15 of the Code of Lawyers, as amended by the provision of the sub-paragraph IE 1, period b of the 1st article of the Law 4254/2014, concerning the conditions of registration for holders of degrees from law schools of the European Union as trainees and after the information note of the President with title: “ Regulatory framework for the right of access to the lawyers’ profession for law degrees’ holders, from member states of the E.U.” decided:

a) the drafting of a bill,which will be by the Plenary of all Greek Bars too. Then it will be submitted to the Minister of Justice and to all leaders of political parties, due to the special importance of the whole matter, and

b) (until the enactment of the relevant provision) a communication should be given from the Bar Associations , with the following content : “those who hold degrees from the European Union, should give include in their supporting documents, apart from the degree,certificate of equivalence, or any other element, proving that he has the real qualifications in order to be registered to the Trainees Register. He should also have the necessary practice according to the orders of the jurisdiction deriving from the European Court of Justice and the Council of the State”.

After phone conversation of the President of the Plenary and President of the Athens Bar Association Vassilis Alexandris with the Minister of Justice Charalambos Athanasiou, the Minister committed that he will immediately find a legal solution for the above subject by introducing an amendment that will be part of the draft of the Ministry of Justice “Regulations of Criminal and Reformatory Law and other provisions” which already is deposited in the Parliament.

-As far as the private contract of agreement of IKA with lawyers cooperating with IKA it was decided to draft a contract plan, the content of which will be compatible with the Code of Lawyers.

Today 16.06.2014 a meeting between the Governor of IKA R.Spiropoulos , the President of Thessaloniki Bar Association N.Valergakis and the member of the council of the Athens Bar Association D.Vervesos took place. A committee was appointed composed of representatives of the lawyers and of IKA in order to draft a new contract for lawyer services. The committee will meet on Wednesday 18.06.2014 at 12.00.

-As far as the salaried lawyers of Alphabank and National Bank of Greece is concerned a committee was composed of the Presidents of Ioannina Bar Association A.Giogli and Patras Bar Association N.Papakos in order to prepare letters to the administrations of the Banks.


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